Applicationspersonal statement / motivation letter / university admissions essay / grant application or any similar piece of writing 

In most cases, we will work as follows:

  1. You will tell me about your piece of writing and send me your first draft
  2. I will read it and make some comments /suggestions
  3. We will discuss your piece and my suggestions (usually on Skype)
  4. You will rewrite your piece
  5. I will read it and make some comments/ suggestions.

In our work, we will be focusing on points including but not limited to:

  • whether your essay is specific and meaningful
  • whether your essay is unique and powerful
  • whether your essay is clearly written and is easy to follow.

Typically, working on a 600-1000 word work takes a minimum of 2 academic hours of my time spread throughout 3-4 days (including commenting on the first draft, a brief Skype discussion, and commenting on one rewrite). However, creating a great piece of writing takes much more time and requires multiple rewrites. We can work on yours as long as necessary.

NB: I will keep your piece of writing yours as much as possible. I will give you my feedback and make suggestions on how to write/rewrite it, but I am not going to write/rewrite it for you.