Public Speaking

Public speaking: making a presentation / giving a speech

In most cases, we will work as follows:

  1. We will discuss all the details of your speech: the purpose, the setting, the time and place, the audience.
  2. We will discuss how to open, organize, and to close your speech. We’ll also discuss your visuals, if you are going to use them.
  3. You will prepare your speech and deliver it to me. I will give you my feedback and advice about the following aspects of your speech: the organization, the introduction, the conclusion, signposting language, your voice, your body language, your visuals. We will discuss what needs to be changed and how it can be changed.
  4. You will make any necessary changes to your speech and deliver it to me again.

If you have already prepared your speech beforehand, we will skip point 2.
If we are working on Skype, you will record your speech for me.

Working on a public speech is very individual. We can work on your speech as long as necessary and focus on the specific aspects that you want to improve.