Introduction to Public Speaking

So you like watching TED talks (who doesn’t?). Do you want to try giving one? 

Join a new exciting mini-course “Introduction to public speaking!”

In this course, you will:

  • get a lot of speaking practice;
  • give 6 different speeches;
  • learn to write speech intros and conclusions;
  • learn to structure your speech;
  • get out of your comfort zone!

The course starts on 17 March and consists of 6 classes meeting weekly on Saturdays (the day can change upon request). The level requirement is Upper-Intermediate and above. The price is 3000 RUR for the whole course. Walk-ins are welcome, but you will benefit from taking the course in its entirety rather than attending random sessions. Walk-ins are 700 RUR each.

The course is perfect if you want to get extra speaking practice, try something new in English, look at your skills under a different angle, learn new skills, and get some adrenaline rush.

The course instructor is Irina Lutsenko, who has the following bragging rights:

  • degree in teaching English as a foreign language;
  • 14 years of teaching experience;
  • English level C2 (IELTS 9);
  • experience of teaching and studying in the USA;
  • completing 4 public speaking courses at American universities;
  • attending numerous methodology and language courses in the UK, USA, Ireland, and Moscow;
  • a blog about teaching and learning English in English.
  • charming and charismatic personality.

Follow this link to find out more about Irina and this one to read her blog.

Call Irina at +79811063469 or message if:

you want to join;

you would love to join but the day isn’t convenient;

you have any questions or suggestions;

your level is below Upper-Intermediate

you are not sure about your level.